The special herbal healing work.

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The special herbal healing work by the spiritual herbalist healer Dr. Moosa and his healing skills offered to the community in South Africa & other parts of the world.

Whatever you may need to tell the top spiritual herbalist healer doctor Moosa, you’re just more than welcome. Nothing is to worry about! Dr. Moosa is the famous herbalist healer who based in cape Town here to treat, heal and moreover pay attention to whoever has problems using his natural true mixtures of African, Amazon discovery herbal medicine with the guidance of his strong spiritual powers from his forefathers with the experience of casting holistic spells no evil doing. He really make things to happen magically and professionally safe to everyone’s life.

All forms of disease and conditions are treatable and often curable with the use of mixtures of organic herbal healing medicine and high spiritual grade healing, ancestral touch, magic oil, Herbal charms, magic spells with other ways of treatment for all. As you can see the following diseases and illnesses no matter how long it has been tormenting you or how incurable it may be for you.

Tips for maintaining success & prosperity !

Ask yourself, Why are you suffering and unhappy all the time when others are out there enjoying them selves, and yet you are born from a womb like them?  Try Dr. Moosa special herbal healing & spiritual powers. You might not know who is your enemy but we can help you to trace that. Maybe your enemy is the one pretending to be your good friend. Lets us use our miracle mirror to see for you.

Any body’s success is his or her own secret ,Nobody can tell where or how and what he made to succeed so be careful and find your own ways to your destiny! Otherwise you may hate what gives others happiness with prosperity. So its the time to make your own decision to look for your own success.

Our Updated Measures Against Covid-19.

We shall continue to serve you!

Dear Clients:  Although south Africa nation may still experience a national wide lock down, our services are still available to everyone with the urgent issues which are needed to resolve. We may not able to deliver ‘VISIT TO STORE” services, But, We can still offer ‘DOOR TO DOOR” delivery services and a 24 hours remote magic healing within a timely manner. 

More information about Door to door & remote delivery services,
Please contact Dr. Moosa.
Tel: +27783261944
Stay home # stay safe.

Our updated advice about the COVID-19 outbreak. Corona Virus has not yet got a proven cure. However, medical experts and other stakeholders are working tirelessly to find the solution to this pandemic. However, you should stay calm and practice a routine hygienic habit by Wash your hands frequently, Maintain social distancing, Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, Keep yourself warm all the time, Stop cold liquid drinks. Cold water is not recommendable, however, you should keep watering your throats with warm water to avoid dryness to the throat gullets.

Equip yourself with high Vitamin C fruits


The type of organic fruits that strengthen the immune system: The nutritionist recalls that vitamin C contributes to the prevention and combat of colds and flu, and infections in general since it strengthens the immune system.


Keep your body warm enough, keep using vitamin C body immune-boosting fruits and foodstuff such as hot Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Red onion, oranges, vinegar, Bee honey and other immune herbs with a medicinal properties. Watch out for early COVID-19 symptoms and report immediately to your doctor. Most importantly stay indoor as possible as you can to avoid the crowd spread. Wear face masks and gloves if possible.  Stay safe #stay home #stay alive #Corona Virus kills. Do not move unnecessarily. Check at WHO site for more updates. 

The Whole Population Loves Natural Herbs

Dr. Moosa always have a very strong herbal medicine to treat, cure complicated diseases, illnesses which are available at his stores affiliated to major cities of the big parts of the world.  He does post delivery to locations like; United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica, Belgium,  U A E, Malaysia, Canada, and all over other countries on the continents. All clients positively testifies about the effectiveness of the herbal products! 

"Most amazing organic herbs I ever known!!"
- Bryan G
"Amazing taste of a natural cure and i thought it won't work!!
- Laura Petracio
"I always visit Dr Moosa herbal shop and his remedies always surprise me."
- Harold Z
"A must visit for every lovers of natural treatment"
- Laura Petracio


Terms & Conditions

  • This is a personal observational opinion which does not reflect the government public health management order.
  • This article does not claim the actual cure or treatment of the mentioned illnesses. However, stay encouraged to consult a medical professional for any health complications.
  • It has noted that there is no proven cure for coronavirus or covid -19 pandemic yet. Therefore, stick to the International World Health Organization updates regarding this covid-19 pandemic.