The Most Common Dreams And Their Meaning

Who Is a Dream Interpreter?

A true Dream interpreter is a divined person with powerful psychic knowledge to analyze a somebody's life through sound, motion and behavior. Knowing the meaning of a dream is not a guess as some people may insinuate. There must a prophecy that endures somebody to be able to reveal the meaning message of the occurred dream. Therefore, you need to make sure you consult with your dream to the rightful dream interpreter to analyze your beautiful dreams and gives you the actual sense of it.

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Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color and numbers that are depicted in your dreams. Even the most trivial symbol can be significant. This dictionary, along with your own personal experiences, memories and circumstances, will serve to guide you through a meaningful and personalized interpretation. With practice, you can gain an understanding of the cryptic messages your dreams are trying to tell you.

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We realize that your dreams are unique. No other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. Every dream is connected with your own “reality”. Thus, in interpreting your dreams, it is important to draw from your personal life and experiences. Sometimes not every a dream that is giving a meaning but most dreams brings itself with a force to make you remember it if its a warning or something so that you can be aware of it especially whenever you repeat a dream, never take it for granted.


Dream when entering paradise translate

Seeing paradise in a dream means the desires will be fulfilled and dignity in both the worlds and beliefs. if you have been following or aiming for something good this dream gives you a good hope that you may get good results at the end. If you are a church goer , this encourage you to keep it up and shows your improved faith. well done for that.


Dream about seeing a skies

Seeing a skies or ascending/ entering it in a dream means the observer will attain martyrdom,become eminent and attain respectability in this world and be remembered in favorable terms by the people. But on one condition of it its white or light enough but if its dark , you know what becomes dark means. Its sadness or broken heart.


Dream yourself looking at a planet symbolizes

Seeing a planet in a dream. The stars and planets symbolizes the nobility or dignitaries of a country. mars presents the police force, security force, military of a king of state.


Dreams of guns and other weapons translates

Seeing a weapon in a dream symbolizes much power. If stolen from you, means losing power. in traditional terms ,means your ancestral spirits are losing on you and you are on your own.


What is wedding in a dream implies?

Seeing a wedding in dream symbolizes the acquiring of honor, dignity, and material wealthy. while dreaming when marrying man to man means the observer will gain victory over his enemy. woman to woman means you are so weak in working for your self.


Dreams about hell fire means

Seeing hell in a dream means the warning of the observer will plunge into commission of serious crimes and sins. you must repent otherwise your deeds are not good and you have made everyone including God to become annoyed with you to show grievance. and some time it is a warning of trouble or difficulties ahead of you.


Seeing a moon in a dream translates

Observe a lighting Moon in dream means most likely the moon symbolizes the king's minister or adviser. sometimes it symbolizes a woman or a very handsome acquiring, possessing or reaching it means that there will an obtaining of high positions or being appointed as head of state or receiving a handsome woman. or if your are politician means you will receive higher ministerial post.


Dreaming birds and other harmless pets

Seeing birds in a dream, birds of prey generally symbolizes powers enjoyed by kings, monarchs, governors, and chiefs. but each type has got different meanings provided to which one you have dreamed. if you dream about it means your self may become enjoying some favor from someone higher than you or your life may change suddenly from bad one


Dream of killing someone with a gun or any other type of sword means

Killing someone with a sword represents as quarreling with that person and hurting his feelings with your mouth and that person will overpower you with words if you die in the very dream or if you hurts , but if you hurt your opponent or kill, that is good on your side, means you will be the winner of the battle.

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Observe cloth in a dream symbolizes

Seeing old clothes in a dream means short life while garment made of silk symbolizes strength, influence and unlawful wealth.


Much money in a dream is warning of poverty or finance downfall

Dreaming about money every where in the house or somewhere in the place means poverty, debts on your way, just make sure you do something to watch your self out. while funny enough if you dream about human feces also known as stool translate a big chance of getting huge amount of money that will make you smile.


Scorpion in a dream translates

Seeing a scorpions in a dream symbolizes a wicked , cunning and deceitfulness person or a dangerous enemy friend uses his/her tongue to artfully in causing dish harmony amongst people. moreover killing it in a dream means you will gain victory over your enemy.(same as killing a harmful snake).


Elephant in a dream interprets

Seeing an elephant in a dream symbolizes a foreigner who is despotic, powerful and vehement .has no compassion, can be also a foreign land. if you dreams your self on it , that means you may travel abroad with a huge intentions


Somebody dreamed lions attacks

Seeing lion in a dream symbolizes enemy, powerful authority, same as tiger, hyena, jungle wolf. while a dogs, cats symbolizes a Great thief, enemy, evil woman. Eating its meat means overpowering enemies.


Pregnancy in a dream means

Pregnancy in a dream means of acquiring material wealth and delivering a daughter (female) means relief of difficulties, but delivering a male child symbolizes facing difficulties.


A cock and hen or any eatable poultry in a dream means

Seeing a poultry in a dream. A Hen symbolizes a blessed woman while a Cock represents a man from a foreign land or a slave and eating eggs for any type bird/poultry means riches, wealth, good fortune.


Seeing a goat, cow, sheep, camel in a dream is not bad at all

Seeing a cow, sheep, goats , camels, and their meat in a dream, a cow represents a current year or woman, a sheep symbolizes good a fit and healthy person who is popular to people and wealthy braved honorable and self respected. a goat represents wealth too.


Seeing a dead person and given something by them in a dream

Death in a dream symbolizes corruption of a person at his rank and glory. If a corpse seen as being buried means no more improvements in any of your deed in your future. if you see a grave covered but for unknown person means secret affairs while open one means your secrets will be revealed openly.


Seeing A deceased while smiling or rejoicing.

Seeing a dead person happy means good conditions while seeing a dead person unhappy translates bad conditions and angry, if dying for second time it means a relative may get married and bring a great happiness. carrying a dead or corpse means carrying a burden of unlawful wealth.


Male sexual Genitals seen in a dream means

Seeing a male sexual parts ( Genitals) in a dream means to bear a son and seeing a woman with a beard symbolizes her husband to enjoy good reputation as a result of his high standing in the community.


What about seeing yourself running on street naked as a mad person

Seeing yourself naked means empty gain in which ever you do. Here is a short story of a woman who had his husband for 4 years while enjoying life together having 3 children ,businesses were moving on well, bringing on good profit. They were totally well off in terms of wealth and riches. But one night this woman dreamed her husband when he was running naked on the street while loudly laughing to everyone and narrated the dream to her husband. After that dream some few days later they were traveling in their car from holiday as a family 5 together with the whole family, husband's colleagues phoned him to let him know that his factory he was depending on has caught fire and nothing has remained. Guess what happened next. As a shock they got accident on the way and this very woman including 3 children died instantly and the man survived alone. The business was not insured instead the people who lost their belongings in this tragedy made him to pay their losses something which resulted this man to sale whatever he had to come up with the costs to compensate and he remained with totally nothing in his life.


A dream which shows rain with cloud translates

Dreaming about rain ,clouds, means to have a lot of assistance and blessings. But, if rain or clouds seen confined to a particular place like a house or vicinity, it might symbolize a famine and sickness as well as much loss of the people to that particular place. In other words if you are in dry season or famine and you dream about rains that shows blessing ,but if you are in enjoyment and you dreams about windy rain ,that may symbolize bad situations in your life.


What about dreaming fish?

Seeing fish in a dream: many numbers of huge fresh fish symbolizes wealth with no benefits, or assets, while if many but small one means you will be afflicted with grief and sorrow resulted through your assets. If it is one or two represents the women of benefits but won't last.


Not good to see a group of donkeys and horses in a dream

Seeing a donkey,horse in a dream if seen a batch of them running through the city symbolizes disasters,sadness,floods in rain,or unhappy accessions.sometimes symbolizes ups and down of settlements in life of someone


Dreams for mountains and hills or Valleys.

Dreaming of mountains and hills represents people with their ranks and positions depending on the hugeness and heights, moreover climbing a mountains or hills represents attaining high positions or success, while carrying it on you means burdens. Sometimes it represents hardships.


Dreams of Gold, jewelries interprets

Dreaming of a silver or gold Necklace studded with jewels: Seeing this dream means the observer will be made to guard some trust and generally jewels, gold, silver represents treasure or beauty and adornment.


A dream of fruit juice is good

Dreaming juice, cold drinks means good chances of getting or being given good. if is the wealth just rejoice for the best life and sweetness of it. but only if finding your self drinking plenty of it. the amount you consume is the amount of your rejoicing ,but if you dream when it is sour that represents bad occurrence of your wealth or good. Something as it sounds.


Houses,gardens, grass symbolizes good in a dream

Dreaming of buildings, houses, constructions symbolizes worldly gains proportionate to the constructions. Dreaming of a garden means the observers wife depends on the beauty of it in addition, seeing a tree symbolize men with personalities and character moreover with fruits and leaves on it interprets the abundant wealth. The quantity of that is the amount you may gain same as the quality of the items.


A dream about angel of God

Seeing an angel in one's dream is a blessed dream. Means the observer of the dream will attain honor and piety and a life will be upgraded or something else. according to his/her good deeds, when dream about this you know you are one of the piers one because it is unusual to dream about angels but the demons dreams are more common due to how evil the world is.


A dream of snake or other reptile is not good

Seeing a snake in a dream: A snake symbolize a person's arch enemy. The greater the snake the greater the enemy. Fight a snake in a dream means will fight the enemy. perhaps possessing a white beautiful harmless snake or become owner of it means obtaining a good fortune out of bad one, treasure from the dangerous king .


Dream of old Woman | Man | Teenager

Dreaming of an old man interprets good success, if the man is young indicates enemy. The old woman symbolizes the current year depends on her beauty.


Dream involves ocean,river or stream of water is good and bad

Seeing a ocean, a sea, in a dream symbolize a vast kingdom, powerful dynasty provided no filth, muck, sediments or frightening waves are seen over it. so crossing a river in a dream means relief of grief moreover drinking water from a sea as much as you do it means acquiring much wealth and happiness in the life of the world.


A dream of running water by the stream or River, tap translates

A stream of running water means losing your chances or wealth, Money, Happiness, love and many things that falls in the category of having a good hope.


What a mirror represents in a dream

Dreaming of a mirror symbolizes a person's wife. If a person sees himself looking into a mirror, while his wife is pregnant means to have a son resembles him. But a wife not pregnant means to lose a job and someone else take it. and a pregnant woman to dream as holding a glass or mirror and breaks down symbolizes losing pregnancy or a child. if not a pregnant woman, then it means losing husband to someone else.


Naked in public in the dream represents

Our clothes apparently present a particular image to those around us - so being naked therefore suggests that we're venerable or exposed. or means exposing affairs or secrets, or certain behaviors.


Losing your teeth in the dream means

Loosing teeth out in the dream significantly claims that losing one's teeth in dream can signify a loss of power or self-esteem in some area of your life. Or it means losing belongings, wealth, or separation with something matters most to you.

Some of the Common Legend Dreams

Berlin, German 1945

In 1945, German dictator Adolf Hitler dreamed when his notorious troops betrayed him, some of his royal guards at his headquarters in Berlin were serving him with a poisonous red wine in the dream. Few days later, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker by swallowing a cyanide capsule and shooting himself in the head.

I have dreamed of travelling on a small boat on a very clear sea, but when I got, to the small island where a few families live, I saw a lot of children's stool on those path walks, I am walking on.. Please help me, interpret the dream. Please and thank you..
Howard Chavez​
What is the meaning of a dream when myself dreaming riding on a bicycle together with my husband and there's a strange kid riding on my back, am trying to push the kid down on the road but he still setting on the backset, the bike suddenly stops and I saw many vehicles from a distance?
Raz Cabrera
Civil servant
Hi, Dream interpreter, I need to know what is the meaning of the dream when I'm flying in the flight over in the sky with strange people? These people were not known and they were looking familiar and scary like monsters others looked like Halloween? Please reply if necessary. Thank you
Erik Larsson
Hi, I dream when I'm in the meeting with ex President Obama in the white house. We discussed a lot of issues regarding changing America economic programs and health system but later I ended up fall in love with him and kissed him, his wife came in the room and try to fight with me and again she wanted to stab me, I wake up when sweating! let me know the meaning please! Thank you so much.
Cilla Eriksson