Ritual Sacrifice

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How does ritual sacrifice work?

A sacrifice is something you give out as an offer back when you wouldn't have to give it out, but, because of the need and as a payback of appreciation.

experience the love for rightful sacrifices

After offering the rightful sacrifices, someone will have 100% miracle powers to control the following spirits that will make dreams and desires come to reality.

(a) Pokalu:  Beat your enemies
(b) Bariekas: Bring anything you want and to send something you don’t want away
(c) Pekullare: Will help you win an election if you want to do politics
(d) Mandassa:  Will bring your soul out of your body and return it.
(e) kalluse: Will make you strong all the time to face anything.

The largest traditional animal sacrifice in the world began
DrMoosa is the po[ular ritualist in Africa

How are the rituals and sacrifices done?

Rituals are some activities perform or ceremony that invoke spiritual ancestors by the traditional healers, psychic medium, holistic energy healers, seers, spiritualists to get involved in the needs of someone who has got a problem, in other words, it is a ceremony done to ask the spirits to act accordingly to wipe out the problems of a person.

These ceremonials involves incantations, singing, dancing and sometimes crying, whipping to the Gods of ancestors to fall their powers down to earth and finish up of working out the problems from a person’s body. Therefore in the process itself that’s when we involve sacrifices.

Why should we do ritual sacrifices?

  • Most importantly you can make things impossible to be possible. remember when Abraham in the holy books of Religious faith God prevented him from offering his one only Child and he gave him A sheep from paradise to rescue a human being from being slaughtered in performance as a sacrifice.  
  • Sacrifice is an important act that shows humbleness and devotion to the spirits. That is the reason for the purification of work done, it is recommended to complete it with a sacrifice of live legal animals which can be eatable by the human.

The purpose & Mutual benefits for performing ritual Sacrifice

You will now begin to have 100% powers to control every hard and difficult situations after fulfilling the spirits desires that will make your dreams come to reality.

Materials suitable and legal for a sacrifices

After conducting rituals and rightful sacrifices safely, There are a lot of significant benefits you can begin to enjoy and mutual multiple outcomes into your life.

We normally perform rituals on additional do offering by the intention of speeding up the work of rituals and purifying the performance of the ritual process. Therefore we do sacrifice legally eatable species such as:- Live Bulls, Cow, Goat, Camel, Donkey, Sheep and with wild animals and many kinds of eatable animals depending on ancestral spirits recommendations.

Sometimes we also recommended to sacrifice eatable birds but not reptiles unless it has been ordered by the ancestral spirits depending on the work to be commenced.

The Motives Behind Performing Ritual Sacrifices

Traditional healers, Spiritual healers, Native doctors depends on ritual sacrifices by their meaningful work to progress and mature properly.

You possess in the heart in return as a gift or payback time. For example: If I ask the spirits to do for me something but I will not give them physical to eat, drink or cash because the spirits don’t eat, drink or take money in cash because they are not human existence.

Then what we do as a payback is to kill something in there presence to show our commitment and appreciation to them. But that sacrifice is not meant to be wasted, rather we offer the meat or the values of that sacrifice towards those who are needy or poor enough so that they can use it as their survival.

If you ask the religious scholars they will confirm that sacrifices purify the body and minds of the person who has done it because when you do it, you become satisfied that your spirits have fed on something you’ve offered and the needy person has also been rescued from hunger through your offering. and at the same time from that good deed you’ve done God has accepted your prayer to change your conditions from bad to good.


The Major Abomination to a Ritual Sacrifice!

  • We are totally against or condemn those who are sacrifices human beings, its illegal and satanic crime. Therefore, anybody with suspicion of any human sacrificial act must be reported to authorities or police.
  • The holy spirits including the ancestors are against any evil or satanic activity. Let nobody deceive you on whether you are looking for wealth or riches or popularity to provide human body parts. Please!
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