What type of qualifications does spiritual doctors or traditional healers have?

  • This work is for only chosen ones which somebody just born and meant to do it.
  • It’s an anointment by the nature of a spiritual world, and it’s an inheritance from their family background.
    Normally, spiritual healers, traditional healers, witch doctors, native healers, psychic doctors, herbalist healers, astrologers, holistic healers, dream interpreters, fortune-tellers, Sangoma, spell-casters, psychics, energy healers, seers, voodoo masters, miracle healers, diviners, clairvoyants, psychic readers, shamans, faith healers, natural healers don’t have to attend school in order to have powers of healing.
  • This is a natural-born gifted work by nature!. Once you’re born and your talent is recognized as active powers, then you begin to practice the divinity of the healing work.
  • The things you can learn from your own ancestors and fetish are the herbs, herbal treatment, natural medicine and obeying your master of the spirits, but the rests are happening automatically.
    The law of the land, mostly there is a selected group qualified governing body of the traditional healers and spiritualists committee who have to examine and test the relevance of your miracle powers and license it before demonstrating it to the public.
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