Traditional Herbal Medicine and It’s Benefits

Traditional herbal medicine dates back many centuries ago. The use of herbs is not something new as our forefathers practiced healing through traditional herbal medicine. These herbs have the ability to heal you from internal and external injuries that Western doctors can’t explain.

Traditional herbal medicine can also cure a series of diseases. Some people have resorted to these kinds of medicine because they have seen the drastic and fast healing it produces as opposed to other healing remedies.

Traditional Herbal Medicine Type to Use

  1. According to different traditional tribe and culture Akabombo, akasana, omufumbira, olweza, (  are the Baganda tribe found in (Uganda) traditional healers few medicine tools used to cleanse and treat petient or cure different kind of negative spiritual illnesses through bathing – its in form of Herbal mixtures are added to bath water to purify the patients.
  2. In south Africa tradition healing medicine system consists of the Zulu & Xhosa traditional healers named as Sangoma who normally use:
    A. Vomiting (phalaza) – A large volume (up to +-2 litre) of a weak, lukewarm herbal infusion is drunk and a process of self-induced vomiting occurs to cleanse and tone the system.
    B. Steaming (futha) – Medicinal herbs are commonly inhaled by steaming them in a bucket of boiling water. A blanket is used to cover the patient and container. Hot rocks or a portable stove may be included to keep the bucket boiling. The patient sits under the blanket or plastic(preferably) as blankets get to absorb the heat and the steam doesn’t rotate well, breathes in the herbal steam and sweats.
    C. Nasally – A variety of plants can be taken dried and powdered as snuff. Some are taken to induce sneezing which may traditionally be believed to aid the expulsion of disease. Others are taken for the common conditions such as headaches.
    D. Enemas – Infusions and some decoctions are commonly administered as enemas. The enema is a preferred route of administration of certain plant extracts, as it is believed they are more effective when administered this way.
    E. Cuttings (ukugaba) – Extracts or powders are directly applied to small cuts made with a razor blade in the patients skin.

Traditional Herbal Medicine Spiritual Significance

For an individual to believe on traditional herbal medicine, it is not usually due to hearsay but due to a personal encounter he has had with traditional herbal medicine. If you are bed ridden and have visited countless doctors who just can’t seem to determine the root cause of your health deterioration, traditional herbal medicine has the ability to do the complete opposite.

Traditional herbal medicine doesn’t only heal your current situation but it is able to ensure that you are never tormented by the same illness again. There is a great amount of spiritual significance that is involved in traditional herbal medicine. Getting the kind of healing that your body, business or life needs may also be due to your spiritual ancestors.

One other positive effect of traditional herbal medicine is the cost effectiveness of the remedies you may be given to use. After visiting a traditional healer who usually charges an affordable fee for consultation and remedies, you will not complain about the fee that you paid because it doesn’t compare to the amount you would have paid by visiting a western doctor.

The remedies are usually herbal medicines that you know and can buy easily at traditional, pharmacies or local markets. Some might be even at the comfort of your own home which means you will spend less money.

When you visit a traditional healer, they will unfold all the things that didn’t make sense in your life. Even the things that are going right, they will tell you what you need to do to ensure that you reach your greatest potential.

Traditional medicine usually treats a variety of sicknesses in one. It doesn’t just cater for one type of illness, it ensures that all your other defected body parts are healed. Traditional medicine would be indigenous plants and herbs.

Medical medicine on the other hand, is a Western type of healing that is usually offered by doctors. It comes in the form of drugs. Although medical medicine is easy to get, it doesn’t cure the illness as effectively as traditional medicine would.

With medical medicine, the probability of the illness coming back is high. However, with traditional medicine, the ratio is slightly lower.

The description given when using traditional herbal medicine

Traditional herbal medicines are herbs that come in the form of indigenous basils. The traditional healer will give you a number of herbs to use and explain their description and significance. They will also notify you as to when you need to use these herbs and for how long.

These herbs need to be used according to the instruction and completed within the set schedule. Failing to maintain the schedule may prolong your healing and you may need to undertake the whole process again.

Taking an “overdose” on the herbs will not fast track your situation or healing. It is important that you do everything that you are told and stick to terms and conditions you were given by the traditional healer.

Incense is a common traditional herbal medicine that is used by traditional healers and also given to clients to use at home.

The kind of medicine you get from traditional healers will depend on the type of illness you need diagnosis on. The bitter aloe is known to cure eczema, stress and any infection of the eye. The pennyworth can heal wounds, acne and allergies. The coral tree treats diabetes and rheumatism.

There is literally a type of plant or tree that can cure anything you are going through whether it is internal or external.

Traditional Herbal Medicine Overwhelming Results for Effectiveness

Traditional herbal medicines will give you the sense of peace that you have been yearning for. Life tends to get overwhelming at times and you are not able to perform your best if there are certain spiritual wars you are fighting.

Using traditional herbal medicine will be able to give you direction on all the things that need alignment in your life. From the simplest things such as struggling with sleep during the night to a deteriorating business or a child not performing well at school, there is nothing traditional herbal medicine can’t fix.

It wasn’t only created to heal body ailments but it was made to repair everything that is broken in your life. There is also great perspective that you get from using traditional herbal medicine, everything suddenly makes sense. Some things that are going wrong in your life are not necessarily due to bad luck but there might be spiritual gaps that you are lacking and need to be originated.

This is because the traditional healer that you have visited will give you the traditional herbal medicine that you need and also navigate all the other problems that you are facing. After your visit, you are transformed into a new person and you are now able to understand why everything has been going the way it has been going.

Sometimes, all it takes is that one visit from a traditional healer and he will be able to give you all the answers that may have taken you years to get. Lastly, it is important that people don’t equate traditional herbal medicine with witchcraft because it is not. Traditional herbal medicine is a healing and spiritual remedy that gives you peace and hope and not destruction and mayhem.

  1. A lady had a growth in her lower leg. She visited a traditional healer who told her the reason of the growth was due to her turning her back on her late father’s grave. The traditional healer then instructed her on what she had to do and give her herbal medicines to use. She put the medicine on her growth three times a day.

After a few weeks, the lady came back to thank the traditional healer for having helped her when it seemed that nobody knew what was causing the growth in her leg. Her growth was no longer growth and it was deteriorating by the day.


  1. A man visited a traditional healer because he was experiencing problems in his marriage. He was told that his wife was cheating with a man who wants the wife to leave him for good. The man pleaded with the traditional healer to help him save his marriage.

The traditional healer gave the man herbal medicine to use at home and strengthen his yard. The woman came back wholeheartedly to his husband and confessed her adultery. The man forgave her and there was peace at their household