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Oath: I Dr Moosa Lubega swear that will Serve and Preserve, Protect the rights, privacy data of information provided by the users of my services. I will never disclose users personal information to any third party other than the purpose of services.  My website address is: https://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com

Disclaimer 1

Using the contents and information of what you see on this website is by your own choice. Be aware that terms and conditions must be followed and regulations must be respected. This is not a scam but it's a genuine service well monitored and approved by the Council Of National and international Traditional Herbalist Healers. Beware of imitations by scam people who are capable of ripping off people's money using this website copied writings and images.

We respect the privacy of our clients by not disclosing, publishing or promote any of person's details. We do our best to keep secrets from our customers.

I urge you to report anyone you suspect to be a scam spiritual healer.

Toll free Tel: +27 800 089 0000.

Helpdesk Email: report-scam@sapolices.co.za

We have phrased some terms of an agreement in the context format below. You should read the entire Agreement because all of the terms are important and together create a legal agreement that, once accepted by you, applies to you.
Here you can find our terms and conditions for using our site. We know they are not the most thrilling things to readDisclaimerbut our legal representatives tell us they are actually imperative.

By ordering any service provided by Dr.Moosa you agree with and fully accept conditions and terms of services. Dr.Moosa's name/ logos/Images/photos/video clips/ audios/text/and other materials listed on websites are personal registered trademarks and may not be used without written permission.

2. Important part of the note to read.

In what nature or capacity is Dr Moosa operating through?

In the natural healing system there are many ways and types of healing by someone who practices it. These are the some names you can call it by English as a language of understanding: Herbalist healers,Astrologers,Doctors,African Medicines,Ritualism,Herbalist healers,Spiritual healers,Sangoma,Traditional healers,Witchcraft doctor,Witch healer,Herbal remedies,Holistic healers,,Expert,Astrologist,African Medicines,Ritualism,Physic therapist,Spiritual healing,Ancestors,Herbal research,Traditional healing,Dream translating,Herbal remedies,Holy spells,Healer'straining.,spiritualist,herbalists,Psychologist,African healers,yoga voodoo,Tarot readers,Palm readers,Fortune tellers,Palm reader,Fortune tellers,Fortune tellers,African traditional healers,Astrologer,Astrology,Counseling psychologist,Distance healer,Energy healer,Famous astrologers,Herbalist and Chemist,Herbalist doctors,Herbalist practitioner,Herbalists,Holistic health,Holistic herbalist,Holistic practitioners,Indigenous healers,Licensed psychologist,Traditional Alternative medicine,Traditional cures,Traditional folk,Traditional healer, Traditional healers,Traditional ritualism,Xhosa sangoma

What equipment in terms of spirits or energy someone working in above names is believed to be using adding to his personal knowledge?

We have to believe that these are some kind of spirits among those named practitioners equipped with. such as:- Ghosts, Spirits,Divined energy, Holy spirits, Evil spirits,Demons,Ancestor,Angels,Satan,God,Magic energy,spirits of holy books, religious books,Magnetic energy,Devils, Herbal remedies,Herbal plants,Herbal charms, Alien planet creature.

Dr.Moosa is neither God nor serve as God

Dr.Moosa is neither a Devil nor acting in as Demons.

Dr.Moosa is neither a Spirit nor acting as spirits

Dr.Moosa is neither Ancestor nor working as Ancestors do.

Dr Moosa is never or will never act as above mentioned types of spirits but he is gifted to use their powers and command by his forefathers guidance.

Dr.Moosa is not in form of those above mentioned types of spiritual energy, but Dr.Moosa is only a human being who is a divined natural messenger/chief priest/prophet/ spiritual healer who works by the anointed gifted powers inherited to him by his own forefathers and authorized to operate or command or work with psychic energy powers used before ages of elderly parents by control or being controlled by those above named types of spirits. In other words he command them to do the work while they command him to do or to provide them with what they want in terms of materials/items to enable them do the work according to their own terms and conditions.


Those who say why he ask for money

In everything which goes through a process,before passing into that process, it does costs some fees in terms of buying materials to be used. Imagine even if you go to Church/Mosque definitely you spend or donate some money frequently to make the house of worshiping live.
In healing services we do sacrifices of live animals,wild species,Poultry like Chickens and other kinds of birds. We buy traditional items or skins of creatures even sometimes we buys herbs which may be out stock to us or which is out of our reach. All those kinds of things are costing money and you can not expect a healer to use his own money to spend into fixing your problems.

This regards as building a house, you hire a builder and you supply materials to a builder by ordering materials separately. But we never do anything illegal. Do not quote me wrong. all things we use are checked and approved by government authorities.


Calling a healer to ask whether his/her services are really good or working good is not the best advisable idea. If you feel you do not trust a healer better not call him/her at all because in the world we are none will just open a business and tell the truth to customers that the products in his/her business are not good to prevent them from coming to buy. Even fake practitioners will talk nice as real ones to seduce you to fall into the trap. So the difference is that real healer just shows actions than talking much about their services to seduce customers. Therefore I advise you to rather visit us at our place to observe the actions of your self than listening to words.

5. Fortune reading | Palm reading | Tarot reading

We are not responsible for an incorrect reading if in case you have provided us with incorrect information such as incorrect photo,date of birth,names.Address and more other information about your problems. See this page

6. How are the Outcome of results?

Remember every work is done and guided by ancestral spirits and served under Ancestors  guidance and cautions because without them we can not manage to do this kind of work properly. We will not be reliable to negative results outcome if in case you have not followed the instructions and the terms of cautions correctly of the spiritual ancestral powers and guidance.
Whatever services or a miracle he performs , results must come out after passing or going through a due rituals process.
Also, any and all copyright, trademark rights, database rights, patent rights and any other intellectual property rights in text, graphics, audio, video or image files, content, software, data and information displayed on.

7. What are the requirements?

Money and All materials or requirements used in rituals process of your work must be provided or funded by you a client/customer before the beginning of the work unless otherwise agreed upon with Dr.Moosa. And in certain circumstances we make require you to be present while we are commencing the ritual process your healing in terms of rituals requirements or session consultation as may be needed.
You are entitled to update Dr.Moosa with your positive or negative results after your work has been confirmed to be completed by Dr.Moosa.

where you are not present we may ask to provide your Photo,date of birth,Address, and for those are involved in the case you are reporting to us.

The organization and layout of the sites and the underlying services that offered by Dr.Moosa. Licencor's and suppliers agrees that all these materials are available for your personal use only, and you may not copy, modify, alter, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer any such materials without our written permission.

You must be at least mature to purchase any product or service provided and proposed to you on my website. Important note: you must be mature age or over in any location where is not limited age of majority.

You solemnly agree that you will not allow any person under circumstances disclose the information given to you by Dr.Moosa to anyone else for privacy purpose use or protection of identity.

We are not responsible or liable in cases where you may have typed incorrect or invalid information (name, date of birth, email address…). We consider that any information provided by you is totally accurate.

We reserve the right to deny service to any person at our own discretion. We're committed to ensure that all your personal information that is collected is kept private and protected. All information shared with the spell caster or the crew of the website will remain 100% confidential.

We will not share your personal information with any third party. Our service guarantees a total and safe protection of your communications with us.

We take our spiritual work very seriously with full dedication to help you to achieve your goals. However, we are not responsible or liable for any outcome you may or may not experience.

By ordering any service offered by Dr.Moosa you agree to take full responsibility of your own choices, your own actions, your own life safe and any outcomes you may get or may not experience.

Due to legal reasons, we must state that the products and services offered on this website are for educational and advertising purposes only and are not a replacement for legal, medical, psychiatric or other related advice/care.

Although we do our best to provide the highest quality of service available to you, we offer absolutely no promise or guarantee of the outcome you may or may not experience.

8. Refund reviews

Any advice you may obtain from Dr.Moosa is solely of your own free will. You agree that your spell (and other services provided on the site) is at your own convenience and imagination and we are not responsible for any outcome you may get or may not experience.

IMPORTANT: Please be certain of your decision to purchase and use our service before you place an order. All sales are final but can be compensated after careful long terms of refund review.

All orders are processed within 1-7 business days and in the order in which they are received. If you are not happy with the service you bought or ordered, we will grant a replacement service of the same value.

9. When using Dr.Moosa websites you agree:

Not to post, distribute or otherwise upload any defamatory, offensive, infringing, obscene, indecent or otherwise unlawful or objectionable material or information or send any chain letters, junk mail, 'spamming' material or any other form of bulk communication;
⦁ Not to threaten, harass, stalk, abuse, disrupt or otherwise violate the rights of others or of the crew of the website, including individuals' privacy rights; not to make any unauthorized, false or fraudulent orders, bookings or request for services;
not to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the sites or any private or member account areas on the sites. If your conduct on.

Terms of the agreement state that Dr.Moosa is not reliable for causes of loss, damage or other costs. These terms and conditions may be amended, updated and/or modified by us from time to time. You'll still need to agree to them, so it's a good idea to keep checking back here to stay up to date.
For one to one sessions with traditional healer Professor|prophet|messenger|priest|spiritual healer Dr. Moosa to consult the ancestral spirits for answers to your problems.

These terms of agreement and conditions only apply to all Dr. Moosa's live websites on the internet. such as:

Dr. Moosa's websites and blog pages

It is totally illegal to find these contents or same of it on other people's website. Try to read and familiarize with the origination of it whilst make your mind and decide before you try to contact us for help. However, if you have anything you want us to improve or remove out of our websites. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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