A spiritual curse

Could help me on spiritual curse

Hi Dr.Moosa

 Could you help me on a spiritual curse

cursed woman-cryingI was wondering if you could help me on a spiritual curse, I think although I’m not certain, the evil eye curse has been put on me, the reason I think this is I’ve been extremely unwell and it’s never ending. I found an eye in the street, I also took a photo with a large eye in the background, with no explanation. There are spiritual curse in my bedroom every night although I’ve been told they protect me.

There’s a heavy weight on my shoulders that never leaves. I’ve suffered with mental illness and haven’t been able to get well again for 5 year, maybe this could just be down to my illness or maybe it’s more of a curse? I have also done the test with olive oil but that came back negative no curse. I would love to hear your opinion on this spiritual curse, thank you for reading

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