I’ve searched for this opportunity

the one they call, the Miracle Man, Medium dr moosa of God
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Hello Dr. Moosa
My name is  Jehoshaphat.  Am not sure what to make it but i feel as though my soul is somehow tainted or what not. My talents are writing and communication and i have a great memory. I always loved illustration and in my latest teens i gradually delve into metaphysics and even later into mythology and folklore, largely inspired by African mysticism. I’m 24 now and I came across some interesting revelations in my studies and research in past years and it changed the way i view the world to this day.
I feel a certain warmness or an urge to dress the world in ways never done before even now. Early on however at about 19 I was online and i decided to order a “wishing spell” from this houngan, “that i had the financial means to do the things that i wanted?” that i held of the utmost fortitude i would guess.
Not sure exactly where i went wrong but gradually, but ever since that year  start to feel more and more as if someone watching me and trying to hinder my relationship anyone especially now. I keep getting obscene lashes of jealous contemplation from unusual close family or strangers whether at work in public and especially from in the home, but its almost like it never happened and then it picks up again. I’ve become bashful have anti social tendencies and slowly becoming more concerned about the love life. Its grown so severe that its almost as if these suspecting individuals react almost telepathically to what i m doing and thinking.
I could laugh and joke with family i normally get along with and the next minute im getting sly mockery and reel over irrelevant endeavors from that person from anything from a trigger to a relationship with another unsuspecting person. Communicating with other people isn’t usually difficult but am single and everything i do now is done roughly or under the radar as i am having this shadowy war with this very house.
I recently lost a rather great paying job granted by a relative after being the only unemployed person for 7 months in my household even out of my younger siblings and its only been 6 days which is unusual. I wish to have this job  and i wouldn’t except anything less but That does it; I’m expecting a check soon and I’ve searched for this opportunity; and I hope that you receive this message so i can have your advice and what to do to turn this situation around to find some peace.
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