After Meditating For A Good 5 Minutes

Dear Dr. Moosa.

a phase of meditation
A phase of meditation. Meditating for A reason

I was reading one of your articles and have a couple of questions.
I had been actively meditating for a couple of weeks. I stopped because of unusual things that happen.
After  meditating for a good 5 minutes, my whole body begins to tremor – seizure-like, to a point where I fall from sitting position. After the tremor passes all my muscles are still seized and a few minutes after that they all start to relax to a point where I feel like I am sinking into the ground. My whole body, from head to toe, then starts to tingle. Not just a slight tingle, but almost like a continuous electric shock. The experience is intense. This is when I pull out because I don’t know what will happen if I continue. I am consciously aware of what is happening and it is like all my other senses are blocked out; if someone was to walk in and talk to me I could completely ignore them. I am a medical student and do not want to disclose any of this with my doctor in case he deems me unfit to practice, although I requested testing for temporal lobe epilepsy, to be safe, which come back negative. I had a thought that it may be a the beginning of some kind of out of body experience, had one once before. I am top of my class although I know that I could be doing much, much better. What is your opinion of what is happening? Should I continue meditating? Is what I’ve explained just a phase of meditation that I need to get past? Would I be wasting my time investigating it more? I don’t want to get all caught up in the spiritual side of things unless it provides some kind of significant beneficence to my studies.

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