I Found What Could Be the True Theory Cause of High Blood Pressure Doctors Doesn’t Tell Us.

How Is High Blood Pressure Diagnosed?

High Blood pressure is a silent killer but can be controlled!

High blood pressure level is diagnosed with a blood pressure monitor. This is a common test for all doctor visits. A nurse will place a band (cuff) around your arm. The band is attached to a small pump and a meter or digital monitor. You can even buy your own digital monitor equipment from a medical store.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Its pity not even doctors have idea what causes high blood pressure.  Nobody will ever tell you if your high blood pressure is caused by disease or something else. However, you will just have to talk to your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe different medications to treat any underlying disease (such as controlling salt, sugar, diabetes and cholesterol level) which can help reduce your high blood pressure.

How do you treat a disease you don’t know what causes it?

Many doctors believe High blood pressure is caused by anxiety, obesity, bad deity lifestyle which is totally a guess. If you ask doctors which organ triggers high blood pressure, their answers will come out differently.

My Theory of What Triggers High Blood Pressure.

My friend Jacob suffered from high blood pressure for many years, and he was on medications. He even forgot to worry about having high blood pressure complications and began to battle with side effects of high blood pressure medications he experienced from one to another.  Whenever he went to his doctor to report a side effect, the doctor just continued to add more medication pills to stop it.

Jacob fed up with tens of medication pills and decided to begin looking for the cause, and he wanted someone to help him discover the organ which triggers high blood pressure.

Brain Seems to Be the Cause of High Blood Pressure.

According to experts, they say anxiety, stress, bad diet causes arteries clogs due to bad cholesterol level in the blood but if you find out what controls all of that is the brain. That is why they recommend medications which have to make enough body resting and recommend exercising to get rid of stress in order to lower high blood pressure.

  • If it wasn’t the brain, it wouldn’t be necessary to first have a body resting in order to control high blood pressure.
  • If it wasn’t the brain, slender people wouldn’t suffer from high blood pressure.
  •  The morning you wake up and measure high blood pressure you will see that the reading level is higher than normal because you sleep and be active in the dreams. Your brain moves tirelessly all over throughout night dreams.
  • According to the research, many people with high temper, and people who think a lot or master planners are the most victims of hypertension. This confirms the brains as the main trigger of High blood pressure.
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Heal and Treat Nervous System Is the Big Deal for Controlling Hypertension

Now, the big idea is to discover what can control and relax the brain, minds, spirit if necessary let us cure the brain pain and treats minds problems.

If you experience high blood pressure symptoms, please visit your doctor who will look for underlying causes such as medication side effects, nutritional deficiencies.

 Alternatively you can consult with Dr Moosa herbal remedies & herbal healing practice for more information about the process of remedies or herbal supplements to calm your nervous system and relax your brain with cardiovascular arteries

This is only a personal opinion with no medical expertise proof. This post does not claim to substitute medical advises from medical experts. You should consult your doctor before using organic remedies and natural supplements.