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Our updated measures against COVID-19.

Dear Clients:  Although south Africa nation may still experience a national wide lock down, our services are still available to everyone with the urgent issues which are needed to resolve. We may not able to deliver 'VISIT TO STORE" services, But, We can still offer 'DOOR TO DOOR" delivery services and a 24 hours remote magic healing within a timely manner. 

More information about Door to door & remote delivery services,
Please contact Dr. Moosa.
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Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com
Stay home # stay safe.

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Our updated advice about the COVID-19 outbreak. Corona Virus has not yet got a proven cure. However, medical experts and other stakeholders are working tirelessly to find the solution to this pandemic. However, you should stay calm and practice a routine hygienic habit by Wash your hands frequently, Maintain social distancing, Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, Keep yourself warm all the time, Stop cold liquid drinks. Cold water is not recommendable, however, you should keep watering your throats with warm water to avoid dryness to the throat gullets.

Equip yourself with high Vitamin C fruits


The type of organic fruits that strengthen the immune system: The nutritionist recalls that vitamin C contributes to the prevention and combat of colds and flu, and infections in general since it strengthens the immune system.


Keep your body warm enough, keep using vitamin C body immune-boosting fruits and foodstuff such as hot Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Red onion, oranges, vinegar, Bee honey and other immune herbs with a medicinal properties. Watch out for early COVID-19 symptoms and report immediately to your doctor. Most importantly stay indoor as possible as you can to avoid the crowd spread. Wear face masks and gloves if possible.  Stay safe #stay home #stay alive #Corona Virus kills. Do not move unnecessarily. Check at WHO site for more updates. 


2 thoughts on “Herbal healing solutions”

  1. A Herbalist Affair group of persons who practices healing by the use of herbs or a person who collects and grows herbs can assist into healing communicable diseases especially in Africa where herbal healing become common to every community. Is this true or false?

  2. “I’m worried that we will have to stay in our houses much longer than 21 days because people in our community do not listen. They not staying inside and they don’t understand how serious this virus really is. I have been enjoying the lockdown so far spending time with my mother and my sisters – we don’t normally spend a lot of time together but due to the lockdown, we have been able to do so. I do miss work a lot and my friends and going to BRAVE workshops and spending time with my leader Audrey but she always checks up on me and my sisters now. I can’t wait for the lockdown to be over so that everything goes back to normal soon.”

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