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Why Should You Trust | Choose To Use Top Spiritual Doctor Moosa?

  • Dr Moosa is the only spiritual healer or traditional healer who is trustworthy, honest, reliable, and straight forward in whatever services he offers to people. if he can’t solve something, he will be honest to tell you.
  • Secondly, doctor Moosa is the only healer with long time contactable communications that don’t change like other healers who switch phone numbers and change places.
  • You will find that this man has well directions of addresses where he operates, and phone numbers with the address are clearly indicated on his websites.
  • Testimonials are well published from a reliable source with live people who are not fake.
  • Dr Moosa is always open for discussion 24 hours on phone, Whatsapp, email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, MMS, and any other social media.

Does This Miracle Healer Dr Moosa Give A Guarantee?

  • Of course “Yes” Doctor is the only traditional healer who works perfectly and offers a money-back guarantee once the job is not done as the client wished, more he does put more efforts to redo the process for a sure delivery of results.
  • He will make sure that you get what you request by trying to redo the difficult process as much he can to make sure of it. But, you are not satisfied, you are refunded.

What is the Usual success rate Of this psychic medium healer?

The success rate mostly is 100% but sometimes can drop to 90% due to the situations whereby the client can’t wait for the completion of the whole necessary process and also it happens when instructions are not followed properly by the customer. But this native doctor never fails to deliver results no matter how hard it is.

What noble experience does this native doctor have in the healing industry?

  • Dr Moosa has many years of experience in this healing industry, in fact, he is born with the gift of spirits.
  • He started to do this work when he was 7 years of age and now he has experience of 46 years in healing and performing rituals as well as commanding spiritual powers to do what his clients request.
  • Certified Spiritual herbalist healer Of the Year in 2016, 2017, and 2018 based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Does the work of spirits backfires or have any bad impacts on life in the future?

  • As far as Dr Moosa is concerned, The work of good spirits never backfires and it has no bad impact it can cause on human lives because you pay your money to buy a reliable service, there is no way we can sale to you something which will become a trouble to you in future.
  • Unless people who use evil spirits may experience that evil fire back but that is done by other healers, but, not the top best spiritual doctor Moosa in South Africa.

How much does he charge for the work?

  • The charges are totally negotiable. Sometimes there is no charge atoll because charges depend on the purpose and the instruments may be needed to perform the rituals such as offering sacrifices of live animals among other things which should be needed to succeed in the procedures of the work.
  • First, talk to Dr Moosa before you judge yourself about payments. Contact: +27783261944. Email:

How long does it take to get results?

Like I said when I was hosted on TV & on the radio programs, the results determined by the quantity of work needed todo. Results normally happen within a minute, hour, a day of a day after a day or a week maximum. But, not to put someone under pressure, I decided to tell people that results take between 3 and 7 working days to allow me the space of preparing the ritual requirements and to process work.

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