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Why Should You Trust | Choose To Use Top Spiritual Doctor Moosa?

  • Dr Moosa is the only spiritual healer or traditional healer who is trustworthy, honest, reliable, and straight forward in whatever services he offers to people. if he can’t solve something, he will be honest to tell you.
  • Secondly, doctor Moosa is the only healer with long time contactable communications that don’t change like other healers who switch phone numbers and change places.
  • You will find that this man has well directions of addresses where he operates, and phone numbers with the address are clearly indicated on his websites.
  • Testimonials are well published from a reliable source with live people who are not fake.
  • Dr Moosa is always open for discussion 24 hours on phone, Whatsapp, email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, MMS, and any other social media.

Does This Miracle Healer Dr Moosa Give A Guarantee?

  • Of course “Yes” Doctor is the only traditional healer who works perfectly and offers a money-back guarantee once the job is not done as the client wished, more he does put more efforts to redo the process for a sure delivery of results.
  • He will make sure that you get what you request by trying to redo the difficult process as much he can to make sure of it. But, you are not satisfied, you are refunded.

What is the Usual success rate Of this psychic medium healer?

The success rate mostly is 100% but sometimes can drop to 90% due to the situations whereby the client can’t wait for the completion of the whole necessary process and also it happens when instructions are not followed properly by the customer. But this native doctor never fails to deliver results no matter how hard it is.

What noble experience does this native doctor have in the healing industry?

  • Dr Moosa has many years of experience in this healing industry, in fact, he is born with the gift of spirits.
  • He started to do this work when he was 7 years of age and now he has experience of 46 years in healing and performing rituals as well as commanding spiritual powers to do what his clients request.
  • Certified Spiritual herbalist healer Of the Year in 2016, 2017, and 2018 based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Does the work of spirits backfires or have any bad impacts on life in future?

  • As far as Dr Moosa is concerned, The work of good spirits never backfires and it has no bad impact it can cause on human lives because you pay your money to buy a reliable service, there is no way we can sale to you something which will become a trouble to you in future.
  • Unless people who use evil spirits may experience that evil fire back but that is done by other healers, but, not the top best spiritual doctor Moosa in South Africa.

How much does he charge for the work?

  • The charges are totally negotiable. Sometimes there is no charge atoll because charges depend on the purpose and the instruments may be needed to perform the rituals such as offering sacrifices of live animals among other things which should be needed to succeed in the procedures of the work.
  • First, talk to Dr Moosa before you judge yourself about payments. Contact: +27783261944. Email:

How long does it take to get results?

Like I said when I was hosted on TV & on the radio programs, the results determined by the quantity of work needed todo. Results normally happen within a minute, hour, a day of a day after a day or a week maximum. But, not to put someone under pressure, I decided to tell people that results take between 3 and 7 working days to allow me the space of preparing the ritual requirements and to process work.

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  • The answer is, nothing is done by a man or a spirit that irreversible. But be aware that reversing a spell depends on the ability or the capability of the person who is reversing a spell because not everyone has the powers or skills powerful enough to do the reversing of the spell.
  • I Dr Moosa, have helped many clients who have been failed by other spiritual healers around the world, this has made me famous due to my abilities to do the impossible.

The requirements are simple!

I ask for a full clear picture, Name, address. These are the important identification of someone towards the shrine when processing the matter. Remember that any misinformation may lead to losing the accuracy of the healing. Payments may be involved in certain cases and may vary according to the type of issues to deal with.

  • Why not? We all know God exists, we’re created by him, God is the Holy Spirit, and we’re also using part of the powers for the spirits he created.
  • He put the spirits into this earth among us as a helpful way between our inner selves.
  • God has a full hand and control in whatever we do on this earth.
  • Therefore, even if you’re using our stuff or service continue to practice your religious obligations without limit. No matter your belief, culture, Background or Religion.
  • This is not all about colour or race, or your religion. You better try this type of spiritual healing to benefit you!
  • This work is for only chosen ones which somebody just born and meant to do it.
  • It’s an anointment by the nature of a spiritual world, and it’s an inheritance from their family background.
    Normally, spiritual healers, traditional healers, witch doctors, native healers, psychic doctors, herbalist healers, astrologers, holistic healers, dream interpreters, fortune-tellers, Sangoma, spell-casters, psychics, energy healers, seers, voodoo masters, miracle healers, diviners, clairvoyants, psychic readers, shamans, faith healers, natural healers don’t have to attend school in order to have powers of healing.
  • This is a natural-born gifted work by nature!. Once you’re born and your talent is recognized as active powers, then you begin to practice the divinity of the healing work.
  • The things you can learn from your own ancestors and fetish are the herbs, herbal treatment, natural medicine and obeying your master of the spirits, but the rests are happening automatically.
    The law of the land, mostly there is a selected group qualified governing body of the traditional healers and spiritualists committee who have to examine and test the relevance of your miracle powers and license it before demonstrating it to the public.
  • Mostly I give permanent results, but there are some clients who approach me with their personal interests and requests to ask for a temporary result. Say for instance the love issues and other stuff.
  • Someone can ask me to return his/her lover by a love spell and ask for temporary results for that.
  • But, for the issue of money, work, manhood enlargement & illness treatments, definitely, the results are permanent.


  • Never! Many people ask me this kind of question and get wondering why? There is nowhere they give any kind of medications to taste.
  • The portion of medicine you can get or buy is only measured and prescribed for the treatment of that specified ailment only.
  • Taking less prescribed doses of medication leads to treatment failures or causes more unintended problems. Therefore, avoid tasting medicine whether herbs or medical treatments.
  • Well, most cases fail to resolve due to insufficient materials needed to be used to process the rituals and in other ways.
  • It depends on the client’s panicking behaviour whereby he/she run from one healer to another within the same period of time because we use spirits that are communicated to each other at the whole of the world.
  • If the client panic within the shortest time and move on from one healer to another while that corrosion of the spirits causes havoc in resolving the matter.
  • Secondly, If the traditional healer is not honest enough when he/she paid money by the client to buy the required materials, then decide to divert the money into his/her own use, that’s becoming a problem.
  • Remember, you can’t practice genuine spiritual work without having honesty and a contented believing heart.
  • You see many people love money but, as a genuine spiritualist, you need to be with self-conscience sufficient heart when you look at the money which is not yours.
  • You need to be with self-conscience after looking at the body of a beautiful woman or anything that attempts. Many healers fail the test especially the young aged traditional healers.
  • Yes, I can do that! But, remember we have to first determine whether that person who helped you was genuine and he/she did the right thing for you, then we proceed.
  • What I will need is for you to be honest with me and narrate to me how the issue started with your previous traditional healer or spiritual healer or whatever you call him/her.
  • If the healer, he or she, giving you something to keep, you will have to bring it to me, and then we begin to roll forward to that work.
  • I promise you that work is the easiest one, although it may require some money to pay but can’t be a lot than the one you paid before!
  • Paying after the job is done is never be a problem but, that depends on the minor issues to work on, something which is categorized into a small issue or an easy one where its payment specified as a donation of appreciation afterwards.
  • Secondly, the ritual processes which are done to produce the results you want involves the requirements or materials which we buy using the money from the client.
  • This issue becomes a problem to serve better when there is no money to buy the materials or requirements to perform the process as you may be aware nothing you can get free in this new generation world.
  • The money you pay plays an important role in speeding up the process of resolving your problems.
  • This is one of the hidden issues which many traditional healers don’t want to come straight forward to explain to the clients about the purpose of the money to pay because they need to attract many clients.
  • I do help with fortune-telling through throwing bones, check-in the magic mirror, Tarot or card reading, communicate with ancestral spirits, consult with the ghosts, Incantations with the spiritual angels in order to diagonalizable and find out what exactly is your problem or to research what is exactly tormenting you and find out the positive solutions to fix it.
  • Secondly, I do spiritual healing, herbal medicine healing & Cure, Psychic healing, Holistic healing, Divine healing, Engel reading, shaman healing, Clairvoyants healing, Chakra healing, dreams interpretations, energy healing, Physic therapy healing, casting magic spells, casting love spells, casting money spells, casting work spells, palm reading, psychic reading, marriage counselling, and many more.
  • Absolutely, follow up with the protocol of visiting offices.
  • I prefer you to book an appointment before visiting the place, this is done to avoid wasting your time to come when am not available to attend to your problems.
  • Also, every program needs preparation before it’s done.
  • Therefore, you need to call, email, SMS me 2 hours before you come to me, to allow enough time space to prepare for the stuff I will use to help you whom I think it’s fairly enough.
  • Actually yes, you can train to practice a traditional healing job but, you cannot perform exactly as a real genuine traditional healer does.
  • As I said earlier, a traditional healer’s talent is a natural-born fate, and it’s a chosen anointment of someone to become a traditional healer, or you have to be a spiritual healer by birth.
  • The only thing you can learn in the section of traditional healer’s work is to know the purpose of herbal medicine or a certain kind of treatment of some illnesses and problems.
  • Most importantly also your herbal medicine to become more effective need ancestral spiritual empowerment to enrich it with the power of healing, this is the reason many fake traditional healers give out herbs which don’t work At all. And many of them do the thing which doesn’t work and end up focusing on making money from people after doing nothing.
  • Actually, after paying all the required fees to perform the process, you will have no obligation to pay more or spend for anything further.
  • I earn myself from the charge for the quotation.
  • However, if you feel that I deserve a handshake of a certain amount from you as part of appreciation, you are warmly welcome.
  • I always tell people who are doubtful about the reality of the healers, to spare time to visit the practitioner’s place of work before you spend much of your words criticizing or being specious about the healer.
  • Remember, asking someone if he’s real or fake does not solve the problem of getting the answer for knowing the real person and the fake one.
  • The person is noticed by what he does and the results he/she produce. A word from the mouth alone does not produce reality because many say what they don’t do. But, if you visit the healer by yourself, it will prove to you who are real and fake.
  • Asking the person if he/she is real or fake will not give you the right answer, just only it will delay the chances and your confidence in getting someone to solve your problems before wasting time you would have used to solve the problem immediately.
  • (For example) No one will ever open a shop to sell and tell clients what he sells is fake! If you’re the one, can you?
  • Actually, All I can say is that I only use the good spirits because all my work is managed through inheritance of the ancestral spirits passed from generation to generation from the family clan where I come from or born in.
  • In the simplest explanation, I use the ghosts and souls of those who used to be the people who were healers & doctors before 200 years back but of the family, I come from. That is where I include the traditional medicines which show me that it’s effective to be used in this practice.
  • Yes, I will refund your money only after if I determine the issue to make sure that you will never get the results as we agreed at the beginning because I don’t want to refund and then afterwards you automatically get the results later.
  • Then with this the reason I will have to recheck or redo the work until I have made sure I have failed to deliver or else.
  • Good question! But, the answer I can give is similar to the one I gave at “pay after the job is done” The ritual processes which are done to produce the wanted results involve the requirements.
  • We buy materials using the money from the clients.
  • This issue becomes a problem to serve better when there is no money to buy the materials or requirements to perform the process as you may be aware nothing you can get free in this new generation of the world.
  • Remember we buy the live fresh animals, idols, traditional materials, and the fresh species to sacrifice to the spirits or jinn or for the activities that take place during the ritual procedures. But all in the whole, the money you pay plays an important role in speeding up the process of making money to become available.
  • Normally due to the competition of marketing to get clients, many spiritual healers and traditional healers do not explain clearly to the clients about the purpose of the money needed and others ask for a useless amount which doesn’t do anything to deliver results to the clients.
  • Of course, 80% percent of my clients are located overseas, some clients decide to visit me individually just to experience the vibes of traditional healing events and witness how the ritual process is done.
  • This gives a lifetime experience and determination that someone who is assisting is really a genuine person.
  • This would be the general advice to people using distance services to try to visit the person so that you can witness and judge before you label a person a fake healer.
  • Reversing witchcraft is the main work of a traditional healer who knows what he’s doing.
  • Many people have been attacked by witchcraft especially in the new error of the generation where everything about life is competitive, and then people decide to rely on doing evil to each other in the form of witchcraft as an invisible force to tackle their needs of interests.
  • Although we normally don’t support witchcraft it’s a reality in the society we live in, therefore as traditional healers.
  • We have solutions to help our societies who have been affected by the problem of witchcraft and reverse it, in addition, to destroy witchcraft once and for all.
  • This is obvious, I will still charge for whatever services I will offer to you because are not with the same company as those healers who have been robbing you.
  • I advise that before dealing with a healer better make sure you know what you are doing to avoid loss.
  • Absolutely nothing of side effects happens after using my services!
  • I have been interviewed earlier at a certain TV station show today and many viewers asked me about this question, but what I can assure you are that I carry the cross of my clients.
  • There is no side effect on my services after use; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been in this practice for years while serving people worldwide.
  • I have clients who have been dealing with them for more than 10 years, but they haven’t complained of any comebacks of the services offered to them.
  • That is Unfair, There is nowhere you can get medicine and then use it, and then afterwards you change your minds and then decide to return it from where you got it.
  • All herbs given by spiritual herbal healers are considered spiritually empowered, and therefore they must be treated and handled with care.
  • However, it is advisable to dispose of the herbs into the river or sea or let it flood away with the rainstorm water so that the comeback negative part of it does not race on you in the future.
  • Absolutely not! You don’t need to be a spiritual believer or a devotee to the traditional healer in order to benefit from its services.
  • Traditional healing or spiritual healing is just services you can attain the same as you visit your home health care vicinities.
  • Don’t get scared to seek help for your problems just because you think of being hijacked by involvement in a spiritual traditional belief which is not your choice of belief.
  • You will be served and treated normally just the same way as others who believe in it. Thank you.
  • Absolutely not ATOL and I strictly not support it, although I just hear rumours of people that they do. I have never done it before in my life. It’s already against the laws to take another person’s life for selfish reasons. Those who do it must be punished by the rule of law of the land.
  • They are specific Legal Items to Use during the Ritual Sacrifice processes.
  • The items to use during the ritual sacrifices are all legal eatable live species in the form of, animals, birds, and reptiles as may be permitted by the ancestral spirits according to the necessity of the requirements for the specific ritual events or the procedure.
  • Yes, I do, But after making arrangements and discuss the issue together and after knowing which kind of the problem to work on.
  • I visit clients to their home or to their country home at the expense of the client who proposes a visit.
  • The clients have to meet the costs on top of paying for the requirements and amount in a quote.


  • Well, in the case of not getting the results you wanted and yet you paid your money for the job to be done.
  • You have to approach me with your issue and then we discuss how the work has been done and most importantly, the time frame, many people think of results by immediate effect, although in some cases it happens but not in all.
  • If you have a complaint or query, you have to escalate it to me so that I can determine whether I have failed completely so that I can refund your money.
  • Or I may determine to see whether the results are still ahead and yet to come.
  • There are many points about the reasons to delay the results, and we have to look into them.
  • Yes, you can save time and money on transport and order the services from where you are.
  • You can always order by phone call, WhatsApp or email.
  • We ask for your details and picture afterwards so that we perform the process and then send you something by post if necessary.
  • First, I do the work of healing, treating and cure some kind of human nature and spiritual related problems as well as physical problems and illnesses.
  • I perform the rituals in terms of communicating with the spiritual psychic and metaphysic world as well as the Engels, Ghosts, divine and the invisible soul existences.
  • I deal with any kind of the spiritual world by consulting with them while negotiating their intervention into human matters in terms of offering assistance and healing where possible.
  • My name is Moosa Lubega the only grandson of the late spiritualist Jjunja Maggwa the former traditional oracle chief priest of the king Manzori Kumanyori in 1890 from Mountain Rwenzori found in East Africa.
  • I am a spiritual healer, traditional healer, witch doctor, native healer, psychic doctor, herbalist healer, astrologer, holistic healer, dream interpreter, fortune-teller, Sangoma, medicine man, spell-caster, psychic, energy healer, seer, voodoo master, miracle healer, diviner, clairvoyant, psychic reader, marriage counsellor, shaman, faith healer, natural healer and whatever name you can call me in this regard of human natural healing categories.
  • Being born with supernatural powers, I have the ability to read a person’s mind and to feel your pain & emotions, which makes it easy for me to see a person’s past & present situations.
  • I can also read and see what the future has in store for you.
  • I have got the special abilities to connect & communicate with departed souls.
  • A psychic medium healing is actually a blessing to me because I manage to guide many people on the right path and to live a prosperous happy life.

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