Article from Kren Mariam seeking for help

Hello doctor Moosa,
My name is Kren Mariam. I am a 53 year old black woman born March 1, 1962 and raised in Los Angeles, CA…I have a daughter named Maria koore, born October 1994, born in Santa Clara, CA.
Since the day I was born, there has been something around me. it is an evil existence in my life  I have been haunted by bad spirits that has kept me from having friends, jobs, stable home, marriage, etc.  I am psychic.  I can see my future through my dreams…so can my daughter.  I was to be successful many times in my life, have lots of money, love and friends.  Everything has been taken away…blocked…its like I don’t exist in this world.  I have gone through this all my life and have sought help, but no one is strong enough. I have seen things at night coming up out of the floor, I have had dreams of things holding me down and keeping locked in a room.
When my daughter was born, I felt in my heart that she would go through the same thing.  I was afraid for her.  So I bought a candle to try to keep her from harm, said a prayer and let it burn throughout the night.  This candle was bought at a thrift store, apparently it had been used…it was purple.  At that time I did not know how to do magic…I was ignorant.  Anyway while the candle burned, I fell asleep with my child sleeping in her crib beside me…she was at that time 6 months old.  I woke up about 12 midnight or later to find a small man ( or thing)  in the ceiling corner of my room, laughing hysterically.  I froze from the horror…..and it then started to fly toward my daughter…and somehow vanish as if it went inside her….my daughter up screaming…and I ran toward her and picked her up to calm her.  I have not seen this thing again….however last night…My daughter called me and told me about the nightmares she has been having.  She told me one of them was this little man sitting in the corner ceiling…….She is now 21…she moved to Miami Florida because her life is just like mine….never getting ahead, no friends that stay around, no boyfriend that will love her for more than a day, no success with jobs or her talent, like mine of singing, writing music,,etc.     Just constant bad luck.  She thought if she moved far away…that things would change, but they did not.  The things followed her just like it did me, when I tried moving all over the world…..they still keep coming after us.  We have both talked about just ending it all, I have tried several times before she was born…but could not go through with it.  We both constantly cry and pray to God for help.
I don’t want her to end up like me at 53 years old….still having bad luck, nightmares, no job, no money, no love, no home…..nothing…just ridicule from our family because they think we are failures.  But we know it is not our fault..there is some type of bad curse on us….        Here are photos of me and my daughter.
Thank you very much doctor Moosa.
kren mariam
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