Coronavirus Infections


How i got infected with coronavirus

I was among the people doubting the reality of availability of coronavirus until I got infected with covid-19 recently. If you have been among those who doubt the disease, please stop it now and begin to wear your mask tight, sanitize frequently and keep distancing because this disease pains.

How i suffered the noble coronavirus

It all began with headache pain for two consecutive days and pain on the side veins of my ears which I thought it was caused by wearing a tight mask. Then I went to a nearby pharmacy to buy painkillers and swallowed. But, the pain went further to my neck. I began to feel muscles pain in every part of my body amidst continuing to swallow the pain tablets.

On day 3, I began to feel a clogged nose, loss smell, and hard breathing as well. I thought it will become okay after some time.

On day 4, I went to another nearby pharmacy and explained how I felt during the past 3 days. The pharmacist suggested that could be covid-19 symptoms.

Then, the pharmacist prescribed me some vitamin tablets and capsule pills to take which cost me amount of R 400. I swallowed those vitamins for 3 days and didn’t see any reasonable change. 

I continued to feel heaven fever and I began to feel too weak, lose control of myself and can’t stand on my own while continuing to feel a clogged nose, loss smell, higher heart rate and hard breathing as well. Luckily enough, I was already on high blood pressure control medication. But, I saw that I’m beginning to lose life completely.

Temporary remedies used to lower heart rate

Then, I tried to use the following temporary remedy to easy heart rate which helped me a little while.

  • Drinking warm water
  • Mixing salt in a warm water in a container and put in my legs
  • Inhaling into red onion
  • Swallow garlic

Then, I told my friend to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital at around 3 am night. Disappointingly, ambulance promised to come but never came until morning 9:00 am when they responded to apologize for not coming due to backlog in the hospitals.

Then, I asked my friend to direct me to the nearby clinic for coronavirus treatment which he insisted rejecting the idea. He said most hospitals and private clinics are overwhelmed by corona patients and people dies helplessly for luck of getting ventilators and proper treatment. 

However, the friend suggested that I could use natural remedies I know and boil it to inhale the vapor of it while I continue to eat immune boosting food stuff. 

Home remedies i used to treat coronavirus

Then, I got a quick idea to myself and boiled the following home remedies and inhaled in it to heal the clogged nose and hard breathing.

  • Peels for fresh oranges
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Fresh lemon
  • Red Onion
  • Pineapple peels
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • African wild potato
  • Vicks Rub
  • Fresh Aloe Vera
  • Garlic

 I inhaled into the hot vapor of the above while covering myself around it for every 2 hours and drink it in a measurement of a quarter a glass for the consecutive days of 8 days. Then, I had to drink warm water every 30 minutes and sit in hot sunny place for 2-3 hours every day while doing running exercise in my area.

Healed completely from coronavirus

Day 1, after using home remedies, I began to feel Nasal Congestion began to easy and felt pinching like needles between abdominal area and lungs.

I continued to use the method while observing the results of change and it was amazing healing until 27 days when I knew corona virus has gone out of me but, I remained with pain effects of minimal pains in different parts of the body and once off higher heart rate during these 20 days since I noticed a good recovery results.

However, I can assure everyone out there that never joke with corona disease. It’s real and kills if you take it lightly.


This is a personal observational opinion which does not reflect the government public health management order. However, this article does not claim the cure of coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic as it has noted that there is no proven cure for the virus yet. Therefore, stick to the International World Health Organization updates regarding this covid-19 pandemic.